Bromwich Road


90 years - History

90 years of Christian Witness

Serving the Local and Wider Community

1932 - 2022

A brief history of the opening of Bromwich Road Mission founded by Richard Cadbury

Richard Cadbury, a member of the famous choclate producing family, was a Quaker for a long time, until he joined the Methodist church in 1919 and later founded the Welcome Mission in Friar Street, Worcester, and the Interdenominational Mission halls in Bromwich Road and at Ronkswood.

Mr Cadbury lived at Rose Hill, Worcester, for 20 years and then he and his family moved to Lower Wick House, in Malvern Road, St John's, now Kielder Rise.

This was a time of mass unemployment, George V was king: Hitler was on the rise in Germany, and Fascism was taking hold in Britain - a time of poverty and upheaval.

In th early 1930's, the new housing estate of Coventry Avenue, Brown Street, and White Road, to where the flats are now built, was being developed to rehouse families from the centre of Worcester City. Mr Cadbury realised that there was no near Place of Worship for these displaced families. So he bought land: laid plans and built the Mission. He employed Mr W L Jones, a Methodist local preacher, as Pastor for one day per week and Sundays. Many months of planning and funding by the Cadbury family preceded this. Before the Mission was offically opened in 1932, Mr Cadbury asked a few people if they would kindly help to get the Mission 'up and running' in readiness before the Pastor's arrival. Mr Cadbury decided to begin with a Bible Study on a Tuesday evening, and a children's meeting on Friday evenings. This was to establish a nucleus of children and adults in readiness for when Mr W. L Jones was installed as the first Pastor. 

On Sunday 8th May 1932 there was a special open-Air Mission to 'kick' start' the work at the Mission, led by Mr James Bryant a well known Evangelist, as well as services during the week, these were well attended. As a result of the large number of children that started to attend weekly, the school room, now known as the hall was quickly built.

Unfortunately Richard Cadbury passed away in 1935, aged 68yrs, as a result of a heart attack, and never saw the full results of his labour. Pastor W. L. Jones kept his promised to Mr Cadbury, that he would look after the Mission and remained the Pastor for 48 years, until he passed away in 1980.

Since these early days, the members of the Mission have continued the work started by Richard Cadbury and the Mission continues to be an interdenominational Christian church serving the local and wider community and welcomes all who want to find out more about the Christian faith and worship together.



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