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Gifts for shoe boxes

How can I Help?

Buy items for shoe boxes during the year then bring them along in November to be packed into Shoe Boxes

Ideas of items

  • a small cuddly toy / doll
  • a toothbrush
  • a bar of soap
  • a flannel or sponge
  • a notebook / colouring book
  • pens, pencils, crayons
  • pencil case
  • a small ball
  • a toy car
  • yo-yo
  • a small musical instrument
  • hair accessories
  • jewellery
  • Buy or knit  / crochet – a hat
  • Ideas for older children

  • tie
  • belt
  • baseball cap
  • solid deodorant
  • talc
  • solar powered calculator
  • geometry set
  • Other ideas

  • Knit  crochet items - gloves, mittens, hats, scarves, puppets.
  • Save empty shoe boxes
  • Buy Christmas wrapping paper
  • Make your own shoe box gift
  • Donate some money it costs £5 to send a shoe box gift.
Shoe Box Gifts

Thank you for your support


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