Service Notes 27th September



Good afternoon everyone and welcome to our afternoon service. Blessings also to those who will be reading these notes and prayers that everyone is keeping safe and sound.

And so, let’s begin, as usual, by committing this time to God and accepting His will and sovereignty in our lives as we say The Lord’s Prayer together.



The government is having to introduce stricter restrictions to control the spread of Corona Virus. This inevitably impinges on our freedoms but it’s important for us, as Christians, to remember that we have freedoms that no one can deny us as children of God who have God as our Father and Jesus as our Lord & Saviour.

One lovely song that expresses this is “ALL I ONCE HELD DEAR.”


Our reading is again from The Old Testament and describes how God meets and sustains His people as they wander in the wilderness on their way to The Promised Land.

READ “EXODUS: 17: 1-7 (quiet music plays as this is read)

The dessert is a very dry and inhospitable landscape and access to water is vital in order to survive. The Israelites found themselves dying of thirst and so, once again, they became angry and grumbled at Moses for bringing them into such a horrible place. Many of them wanted to return to slavery in Egypt and it became so bad that Moses was even fearful for his own life.

In any difficult situation, many people will blame their leaders even though they, themselves, could do no better. The government are doing what they can for better or for worse. But, as Christians, we come under a higher authority: the authority of God: and, when the chips are down, as they are at the moment, it is vital to hold on to this. If we are given a choice between Boris Johnson and God, then we choose God. 

The tragedy of secular governments, such as ours, is that they pay little or no heed to God and our leaders are not anointed by God whereas Moses was a leader who had been appointed by God. Having said this, however, it is important that we obey the guidelines and restrictions because God can use even secular, non-believing and disobedient people, to work His will. 

One mistake that the Israelites made was to blame Moses instead of petitioning God. At this time of national crisis, it is vital that we keep our hearts and minds firmly fixed on God, our Heavenly Father and Protector. And one way of ensuring this is to be truly thankful for the blessings that God has already given us. The Israelites, in their desperation, quickly forgot that God had already provided for their needs by sending them Manna in the desert. GOD WILL BLESS A THANKFUL AND TRUSTING HEART. I know that it’s not easy when you feel trapped in a dark and forbidding place, but try and remain open and thankful for all the blessings, often small blessings, that God has bestowed upon you. THANKFULLNESS AND OBEDIANCE ARE THE PATHS THAT WE MUST TRY AND FOLLOW THROUGH THIS DESERT THAT WE CURRENTLY FIND OURSELVES IN.

Moses was a faithful man and he struck the rock and water gushed from it. It is Jesus who gives us the water of life. When He was nailed to The Cross and speared in His side, it was, not only blood that flowed from His wound, but water also. This water is a never ending stream of God’s Love for each one of us: a water that will quench our thirst and bring us through this wilderness to the joys of The Promised Land. Amen.


PRAYERS (music playing quietly in the background)


THE GRACE: And now may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of The Holy Spirit, be with us now and for evermore: Amen.


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