Service Notes 3rd January 2021


Good evening everyone and welcome to this, our first service of 2021. Every blessing to all of you whether you’re able to be with us this evening or whether you’re in your own homes. The service and the sermon will be brief given the current circumstances and the coldness of the weather but, in our thoughts and prayers, God is with us whether for a second or an hour: indeed, He is always with us each day and every hour. He hears not only the words on our lips but also the silent yearnings of our hearts. So, with that thought in mind, let’s turn to prayer.

Loving Heavenly Father, as the Wise Men journeyed through the night to discover Jesus, we too come to You this night, to offer the gifts of our lives and hearts and to worship You as our King and Saviour. We acknowledge You as King of the past, present and future and that, as we enter this New Year, remember that our lives are completely in Your hands. No hands could hold us more securely and no heart could love us more. The year behind us has been a sad and difficult one for each of us, and for many, one of sorrow and heartache. The year ahead will also not follow a smooth and untroubled path, but just as the star shone over Bethlehem, so too, the light of Your Truth and Love shines over us and ahead of us, beckoning us to put our trust in You until we are bathed in the light of liberation and the sunshine of Your Love: in Jesus name: Amen.



THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: We’ve just heard how the Three Wise Men followed a star until they arrived at the stable in which Jesus was born. This meant that they had to travel by night otherwise the star would not have been visible. Light is only visible when it shines in darkness. 

The greater the darkness, the stronger the light. All of us have been journeying in darkness for almost a year now because of the Pandemic and the inevitable restrictions and sadness’s that it has caused. The way ahead is still dark and foreboding, but there is just a twinkling of light ahead. The vaccines will one day allow us to live without fear and restrictions. The future is bright but, for now, we must journey on through darkness. We are all following that path trod by those Three Wise Men: the greater the darkness, the stronger shines the light. Only the light of a tiny star but real and big enough to give them courage and hope.

Also, they travelled together and not alone. One real positive from this time of testing is that we have learnt to appreciate the everyday things, including the love and support of family and friends. None of us have come through this on our own and, if we feel alone or even forgotten, then please think again because you’re not. There is more than enough love to go round and I have really appreciated the love that binds us together. And the greatest love of all is the love that God has for each one of us, His children. The light of God’s love is always present “leading us ever onward and beaming bright.” 

May God truly bless and keep each one of us throughout this New Year and, whatever the ups and downs of our journey, know that each day brings us closer to His marvellous light!

With love and blessings from Peter


SHARING OF COMMUNION (Music played quietly in background)





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