Service Notes 4th October


Good evening everyone and welcome to our evening service. As always, welcome also to those who will be receiving these notes. I pray that, wherever you are, you are being kept safe and well. Yes, these are just words on paper but I hope you know that they convey more than words and that if any of you need me to contact you or visit you then I would be there for you. The virus might have denied us many things but not the determination to care both in words and deeds.

God Bless each one of you.

Let us begin by coming together with God and with one another as we say The Lord’s Prayer.





The scriptures repeatedly tell us to bow down before God and dedicate our lives to Him. Our first song takes up this instruction to “bow down” before our Almighty and All-Loving God. 




Our reading for this evening is taken from Matthew 21:33-end.

BIBLE READING (quiet music will accompany the reading)


Next week is the first of our Harvest Services when we thank God for the greatness and beauty of nature and for the bounty that nature gives us in providing for our basic needs. You’ll remember the story of Creation in the first Book of Genesis when God looks at the earth and all that He has made and declares that “it is very good.” I did not realise until very recently that the word “good” has another meaning in the original language and it can mean “beautiful.” In other words, God looked at everything that He had made and said, “it is very beautiful.” You may not consider yourself particularly beautiful, but I am telling you tonight that you are! Despite all the tragedies of mankind and the mistakes that we make every day, God still has faith in you.


God neither despises or rejects His creation even though in so many ways we have scarred, damaged and even destroyed the world that He gave us. We have not been good tenants just as the workers in the vineyard were not good tenants. They rejected and abused those whom God sent and ultimately rejected and killed God’s own Son: but even that didn’t stop God loving them for in the death of God’s Son, Jesus, He offered each one of us eternal life. God used death itself in order to bring us life! 


And He continues to offer us the chance both to save ourselves and this planet on which we live and on which we depend. The cries of the environmentalists are becoming deafening: people like David Attenborough are uttering prophetic warnings and people of peace are calling for wars to cease and bombs to be banned and for all people, everywhere, to live in equality, harmony, justice and fairness. It may seem a long way off but it is still achievable and God Himself has not given up on His beautiful creation.


The choice is ours, just as it was for those tenants of the vineyard: but, as I said at the beginning of tonight’s service, love must be seen not only in words but also in deeds. Sermons, wishful thinking and good intentions, will never accomplish what is required: but only costly sacrifice, selfless giving and ardent obedience.


In other words, the obedience, giving and sacrifice of Jesus which we shall remember as we presently share Communion.



St Paul told us that even though He was The Son of God, Jesus did not seek equality with God but made Himself a humble servant in order to save mankind. A beautiful combination of meekness and majesty.

We remember that now as we listen to the song of that same title, Meekness & Majesty.



And so, now, we come to share Communion: a Communion that we share with each other as brothers and sisters: but also a Communion with our Heavenly Father.


(Quiet Music Begins to Play)

On the night before He was crucified, at supper with His friends, Jesus took the bread and said “This is My Body which is given for you. Every time you eat of this bread, remember what it cost to set you free, and be truly thankful.” Amen.

Then, at the end of supper, Jesus took the cup and said, “This is my blood of the New Covenant: blood that was shed for each of you. Every time you drink from this cup, remember what I have done for you, and be thankful.” Amen.




For this New World to come into being each and every one of us must live and love both in words and in deeds. Let us remember that as we listen to our final song: 



THE GRACE: And now may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of The Holy Spirit, be with us all, for evermore: Amen.


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