Shoe Box Gifts

Are you getting fed up of being in isolation?

Why not make something's to go in a shoe box?

You could knit / crotchet some hats, mittens,

wrist warmers, scarves, puppets.

Thank you for your support with the Shoe Box Gifts.

In October 2020 we have packed 290 Shoe Box Gifts.

It was great to see the wonderful array of items that had been lovingly

made and bought during the year and I’m sure they will bring

joy and happiness to the children when they open their boxes.

 Every year we send Shoe Box Gifts to Operation Christmas

Child part of the Samaritans Purse Organisation.

   Once a month we have an afternoon to prepare the shoe  

    boxes by wrapping them in christmas wrapping paper.

We also prepare a variety of items to put in the shoe boxes.

This is an informal afternoon for all ages.

A cup of tea / coffee /squash is served with biscuits.

For more information on Shoe Box Gifts 




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