Information for Saturday 4th July

Soup kitchen Saturday 4th July

Hi all, 

Hope you and yours are well. 

This Saturday we are taking our turn in serving the homeless and marginalised in our community. 

Cadena are preparing to reopen Saturday so we will return to Copenhagen Street, outside the old Fire Station, as the college have advised their car park is not available due to building work.

I have been advised that a number of people, who had taken up the offer of temporary accommodation, have or are in the process of being moved out, what is less clear is where to, so we are unsure of how many to cater for on Saturday, meaning it will be difficult to predict numbers. Last week 75 meals were prepared and we have been asked to replicate that; this will be a challenge for the capacity of our team of two and the kitchen.

I'm working on the assumption that the status quo around volunteering , remains, if however any of you feel like you would like to join us, either for the food preparation or serving then please let me know; please note however, that it will not be possible to enforce/observe the 2m distancing, so as much as we are missing you - our team, please factor this into your deliberations.

As always your prayers are valued, specifically:

·         That Richard and I will be sustained throughout the preparations and service.

·         That all who attend will be protected and receive the blessing with which the

           service is being delivered.

·         Safety for all who attend and volunteer, especially as this will be the first day of post lockdown

Take care, in these challenging times, and may God continue to protect us. 

Every blessing,


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