Reflection for 23rd July

Pause for Thought – 23rd July 2020

Hello Friends

Today’s reading is Jeremiah 7:23, “Obey My voice, and I will be your God”.

Us humans like to have dreams, make plans, schemes, etc.  We buzz about all over the planet with grand schemes and plans.  We call it globalisation.

On a smaller scale, we plan our local area - new homes, new cars,  new roads,  schools,  etc.  We call it progress.

I wonder what God makes of it all?  I like to watch a TV programme called Abandoned Engineering.  It shows the folly of human beings grand building projects in the past.  I guess we must look like follies too, when things don’t go to plan and we didn’t consult God.

On a personal level, do we consult God before doing anything, or do we just get swept along with it all?  God would like to be consulted!  In the small things as well as the large things.

Love and Blessings from  Sue Garfield


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