Reflection for 9th July

PAUSE FOR THOUGHT – 9th July 2020

Hello Friends

John Wesley once said, “Earn all you can, spend all you can, save all you can”.

Wise words even today, after the Chancellor’s Statement.  If we work and are not lazy, it benefits not only ourselves, but the community in general.

If we spend wisely what we earn, it benefits others in the local community (especially if we spend locally in small shops).   We can also donate to our favourite charities, benefiting those who have nothing and projects to benefit others or the environment.

Saving also has benefits.  It gives us funds for our own emergencies, saving makes us disciplined too. But invest wisely, not investing in things that exploit people or the environment.

We as Christians,  should not be grand consumers, slavishly keeping up with the latest trends and fashions, that come and go.  We should only buy what we really need and not what we want. 

The saying “Money is the root of all evil” is true in some respects, but it is also the root of much good, if we use it wisely.

Love and Blessing from Sue Garfield



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